Prisma Chrome Lipstick

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Out of this World! The Prisma Chrome Lipsticks provide the lips with prismatic and metallic effects for an elegant finish. Eight unique shades combine perfect coverage in just one application and a creamy texture. The lips feel wonderfully soft and shine in different nude, violet, red or brown shades.


Beauty Tip 
Metallic and prismatic effects are super trendy on the lips, too! It’s important to prepare the lips for dark shades like violet or brown. Lipstick tends to settle in dry areas and can end up looking uneven and patchy. To optimise results, it’s best to use a gentle lip peeling, a primer and a colour-coordinated Lip Liner before applying lipstick. This will make the lipstick last longer and prevents it from bleeding and streaking. It also ensures smooth, intensive colour. 

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Prisma Chrome Lipstick

Prisma Chrome Lipstick

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